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Parent's Checklist
Does your child exhibit sign of visual difficulties?

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Spotting children with vision problems.

Children, their vision and learning problems.

Clutter Blindness!.

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M-Th 8AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 5PM.

Friday during the school year we're open from noon to 5PM non-stop.

Summer Hours

M-Th 8AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 5PM.

During summer vacation we're in Friday from 8AM to 1PM

Parent's Checklist

Download one child's story of hope (Microsoft Word). Click here.

Look for indications of avoiding eye work in favor of ears and memorization. Does my child...

  • Do well with oral work, but have problems with reading schoolwork?
  • Play by ear, but can’t keep eyes on music?
  • Succeed in areas of school not requiring sustained visual attention?

Look for indications of visual confusion and instability. Does my child...

  • Miss small words?
  • Read some words differently each time they appear?
  • Reverse words or letters?
  • Lose place or skip lines while reading?
  • Have poor visual memory?

Look for actions to “hide” and eye to avoid double vision and confusion...

  • Cover an eye while reading?
  • Turns the head to hide an eye behind the nose?
  • Poor or odd posture with close work?

Look for signs of eyestrain...

  • Red eyes
  • Rubs eyes
  • Blinks excessively or blinks excessively hard
  • Headaches
  • Burning or itching eyes
  • Comprehension or concentration decreases as reading continues or the day wears on

Listen for signs of eyestrain...

  • "I see two"
  • "It’s blurry…fuzzy"
  • "I can’t see it"
  • "My eyes feel funny"

What’s the family history (genetics)?

  • Eye turns?
  • Reading problems
  • Dyslexia?
  • Lazy eye?
  • How about nearsightedness? We keep learning more about nearsightedness. We may be able to slow down the development of nearsightedness if we start early.

These problems affect reading, spelling, handwriting and sports with a moving ball or that require depth perception. Music students read slowly, but quickly learn a teacher’s demonstration by ear. But, different people have different aptitudes, so they will be affected differently by these problems. Favorite school subjects in this group are lunch, recess and math.

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