Spokane Optometrists. Dr Hussey provides Spokane optometrist services. If you are looking for Spokane Optometrists give Dr Hussey a call. Dr Hussey's Clinic offers a full range of optometrist services to Spokane, Washington. Dr Hussey's delivers high quality optometrist services to Spokane and the surrounding areas. Spokane optometrists with the expertise you need. Skip navigation.
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Does your child exhibit sign of visual difficulties?

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Spotting children with vision problems.

Children, their vision and learning problems.

Clutter Blindness!.

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M-Th 8AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 5PM.

Friday during the school year we're open from noon to 5PM non-stop.

Summer Hours

M-Th 8AM to 12:30 PM and 1:30 PM to 5PM.

During summer vacation we're in Friday from 8AM to 1PM

Our Staff

We get asked by a lot of people why we work for Dr. Hussey, and if we like our jobs. The short answer is, we wouldn't work here if we didn't like our jobs. Dr. Hussey is an awesome guy to work for. He's hilarious, and not just with his staff. Almost all of his patients come out of his exam room laughing, and we can hear him laughing through the walls of the office all day long. You would think a guy that funny would get distracted during his exams by all of the ridiculous jokes and stories, but we still hear at least once a week that Dr. Hussey gives the most thorough eye exams people have ever received.

For those of us who work with the Vision Therapy program, our patients are the highlight of our day. Yeah they whine and complain when they don't want to do their work, but we love them. We get to see our patients at least once a week for around six months, which means we get to know them really well as they get to know us. They become our friends, and we become a part of their lives. Most of the time, we really have a blast with them. Plus, we literally have the opportunity to improve their lives. Once their eyes work correctly, their reading improves and their grades at school get better, which makes their self-esteem better... and their parents a lot happier!

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