Dyslexia testing. Dr Hussee provides Dyslexia testing services. If you are looking for Dyslexia testing give Dr Hussee a call. Dr Hussee's Clinic offers a full range of dyslexia testing to Spokane, Washington. Dr Hussee's delivers high quality dyslexia testing to Spokane and the surrounding areas. Dyslexia testing with the expertise you need. Skip navigation.
Dyslexia testing

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Does your child exhibit sign of visual difficulties?

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Spotting children with vision problems.

Children, their vision and learning problems.

Clutter Blindness!.

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Friday during the school year we're open from noon to 5PM non-stop.

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Our Services

Glasses or contact lenses help people see when the world isn’t in focus. They can also help with some eye alignment problems. Reading glasses can even help kids and, if used properly, may help prevent or slow nearsightedness. Sometimes by reducing fatigue, reading glasses can have a significant effect on reading.

However, glasses cannot eliminate suppression. Intermittent central suppression and the related eye coordination problems require a vision therapy program. As the therapy eliminates the suppression, both eyes start seeing simultaneously and the brain has more information to work with. Plus, improving eye movements, focusing, and fusion helps maintain accurate, non-confused, single vision for all required near work.

Our Services

  • Eye and vision examination
  • Vision examination for reading problems – "dyslexia"
  • Strabismus and amblyopia
  • Head trauma affecting vision
  • Vision therapy
  • Infant examination – participating in "InfantSee" program
  • Eye health examination
  • Eye disease diagnosis
  • Treatment of eye disease
  • Consultation and follow-up care for cataracts and LASIK

Frames and lenses

  • Contact lenses
    • hard
    • soft
    • bifocal

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