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Isn’t it incredible how much learning is visual…how much occurs through the eyes? As if reading and writing weren’t enough, now kids are learning to use computers in grade school! And, don’t forget, you never stop learning. Adults can have visual problems affecting learning, too. Remember that our eyes are just a means by which we put information into our own computer...our BRAINS. We need to make sure that information arrives in the brain properly.

20/20 sight doesn’t necessarily mean the two eyes combine their images into an understandable image in the brain while the eyes are scanning across a page of print, or watching a ball coming toward them. We’ll check:

Suppression – a problem commonly associated with reading/learning problems, and one of our prime areas of research. Intermittent central suppression occurs when either eye repetitively "shuts off" its picture for a few seconds. During the suppression period, the suppressed eye can wander slightly off target. Then when its picture returns, visual confusion will result. The confusion will remain until the formerly suppressed eye can regain its aim, only to have the problem repeat in a few more seconds. The visual world with suppression is unstable and confused.

Eye Movements – quick accurate eye movements position the most sensitive part of the retina to see detail. Inaccurate eye movements during reading can scramble letters and words.

Focusing (Accommodation) – ability to change focus quickly as well as stamina are necessary for sustained reading and classroom activities such as board work as well as active sports.

Fusion (Convergence) – the ability to maintain both eyes’ aim at near with stamina. Poor fusion can cause eyestrain and double vision.

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